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Trying to learn anatomy

Posted in Picture Time, Uncategorized on Juni 30, 2012 by Jonas

I’m trying to learn anatomy by copying skeletons I find on the internet.

Similarly, I’m training my parallel lines and my shading:

Sorry for the brutal/weird/whatever imagery, I’m experimenting with colors and brushes and these made a lot of sense with the brushes and colors I was experimenting with



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Born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, Eliethel began exploring the world of music around the age of 3, using a small red plastic toy piano. By the age of 4 she started taking piano lessons. The piano became her main compositional tool, which she uses up till now, occasionally switching it for the electric guitar.

She produces her songs on her own, spending most of her evenings in the embrace of her home studio, fighting cables and strings, struggling with DAWs and plug-ins, creating sounds for the indulgence of the ears. Her Classical and Jazz background are often clearly noticed in her songs, though it is electronic music that has captured her fertile spirit. She claims it’s Depeche Mode‘ and the Cure‘, whose music she would take to a deserted island, but her influences are admittedly much more diverse, including quite a broad range of genres and styles. Diversity is the name of the game for her and she constantly seeks for fresh sounds and combinations of musical elements. She balances her time between studying composition at Ionian University, having a personal life, establishing herself online and, of course, writing more music.

I love her music, and this one is especially great!

Juhu! Juhu! Ich bin in der Zeitung :D

Posted in Uncategorized on Dezember 11, 2009 by Jonas

Und zwar schon seit Mittwoch 😀
Zitiert von den Nürnberger Nachrichten:
„Als Jonas Oberhauser mit dem Frühstudium begann, war er in der 11. Klasse des Nürnberger Willstätter Gymnasiums und erst 15 Jahre alt. Im Wintersemester 2007 bewarb er sich für das Fach Informatik. Um zugelassen zu werden, benötigte Jonas die typischen Unterlagen wie Lebenslauf, die letzten Zeugnisse, Empfehlungsschreiben von Lehrern – und ganz wichtig: die Einverständniserklärung, dass die Universität keine Verantwortung für schlechte Noten in der Schule übernimmt.


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Ich habe nun doch tatsächlich auf meinem Computer vier alte Gedichte gefunden : ) Ich habe sie hier und dort ausgebessert sowie einige Begriffe verändert um sie dem Breiten Publikum zugänglich zu machen.
Liebe Grüße, Serra