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Trying to learn anatomy

Posted in Picture Time, Uncategorized on Juni 30, 2012 by Jonas

I’m trying to learn anatomy by copying skeletons I find on the internet.

Similarly, I’m training my parallel lines and my shading:

Sorry for the brutal/weird/whatever imagery, I’m experimenting with colors and brushes and these made a lot of sense with the brushes and colors I was experimenting with


Pixel Art

Posted in Nicht Datiert on Juni 9, 2012 by Jonas

I’m certainly not the best level designer nor pixel artist around, but I’m still dabbling in the field.
I created a pixel art tileset and used Tiled to create a simple map from it.
Nothing special, just my first steps on the field : )


EDIT: …Progress!

Notice the trees, the shadow, the ruins, rocks dirt and pebble…